Do you have a will in place? If not you could die intestate this means your personal representative will have to distribute your belongings according to the laws of intestacy. This could mean your estate doesn’t go to the person you intended.

A will ensures your estate is distributed following your wishes.

Most parents don’t think about what might happen if they die while their children are still dependent, even fewer consider the possibility that their children could lose both parents.

But it is important to plan for this kind of event, however unlikely it might be.

If both parents die without having arranged guardianship it could mean the courts and social services will decide who takes care of your children. This could take a long time. While they make their decision the children may be taken into care.

Appointing guardians is easy. The simplest way is through a will. A will includes a section on guardianship if the children are young and you can nominate suitable people.

Maywood Mortgages works closely with The Willsmiths to provide a will writing service. LOGO.

Will writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

I hadn’t really thought about writing a will – I’m only 35. But actually I have a house and baby on the way. Leeson really helped me nail down the details and it has given me such peace of mind. It only took an hour or so and I am so glad I did it.

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